Friday, July 16, 2010

We're a WEB-SITE. WOW!!!

HANDWRITTEN DIGITAL is now it's own website.
I finally broke down, entered the 21st century and bought myself a couple of web domains.
Spending the money was fun and easy. Getting the technology to work afterwards was a little more difficult. 
I decided was the place to pick up fast domains plus they offer a bunch of free stuff to go with that simple purchase. So I picked up the domain and the domain which is still not up and working. 

It's been a world of discovery. There are all sorts of things you have to know to get even a simple web-site up and running. There's domain sites and hosting (which is kind of scary). The costs can mount up quickly if you're not careful.
I'm of Scottish decent so that means that I'm a frugal individual. I've been using Blogger blogspots for all of my 5 web-sites because blogger is
1. free and
2. simple to use. Blogger is made for dummies like me that can't tell their ass from an HTML in the ground

Well it turns out that Blogger will also host your old blogspot under your new domain name for free. Cool huh? 
Blogger can also sell you a domain name at a very competitive price, which I didn't know but that's ok because GoDaddy is very cool and has great service. Mark from GoDaddy even phoned me the following day and told me to call if I needed any help at all. Now that's great service I mean who does that these days.

The nice thing is that I can still use Blogger as my design tool which means I don't have to learn a bunch of new stuff just to let you know that
Not that it's any big deal as it's just nothing type blog.
Anyway I just thought I'd share that  with you.
I'll be back soon with some actual Studio B recording type news as things continue to develop.
Ciao for now.

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