Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New equipment in the DAW

For quite a while (couple of years) I did research on work surfaces for the DAW and since I am using multiple softwares. I was in the market for a surface that worked nicely with ProTools, Ableton Suite 9, Sony Acid Pro and the new kid Reaper. Also since I am now slowly moving into working with a Mac Book Pro the chance of using Logic has become a future possibility.

I looked over several mixing desks and had decided on the M-audio ProjectMix I/O. The list price was about $1700 cdn. Just as I had received approval from my accountant (read spouse) I found out that M-audio had (without notice) discontinued sales and support of the ProjectMix I/O. I frantically called around to the local music stores in town only to find that all of them listed the ProjectMix I/O as a special order item and since M-audio wasn't selling them it would be impossible to order one. I was heartbroken. My research began again...

Sometime in the past several years Behringer had bought out the British company Midas who made high end audio mixers used by Pink Floyd (and other bloody famous British acts). Behringer immediately tasked Midas engineers to produce a high end, low cost fully digital mixer to be purposed both for live audio and for DAWs. In mid 2012 Behringer unveiled the X32.
My research into the product got me very excited. It appeared to be an even more complete product than the ProjectMix I/O. The problem was the price tag, over $3200 cdn plus 5% tax. Some negotiations with the account would ensue.

In the mean time one day I was looking through Kijiji and up popped an add for a slightly used M-audio ProjectMix I/O with travel case. In the end I jumped on that and got it for a mere, well I won't tell you what I paid but it was less than half the original purchase price. BONUS.

So I've got it home and I've managed to run some tests and I'm pleased to say that everything works on it and I've started to use it on some mixing projects although I'm still working in the box a lot.
Check the video of the unit doing the obligitory fader wave.